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Lewis Acid Catalyzed Annulation of Donor–Acceptor Cyclopropane and N‑Tosylaziridinedicarboxylate: One-Step Synthesis of Functionalized 2H‑Furo[2,3‑c]pyrroles

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posted on 17.07.2015, 00:00 by Asit Ghosh, Ashok Kumar Pandey, Prabal Banerjee
An efficient MgI2-catalyzed annulation between donor–acceptor cyclopropane and N-tosylaziridinedicarboxylate to access highly substituted 2H-furo­[2,3-c]­pyrrole bearing two rings and four stereocenters, including one quaternary carbon stereocenter, has been developed. This methodology can be used for the synthesis of biologically active compounds like IKM-159. This work also offers an insight into the mechanism of the annulation process.