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La8Br7Ni4: Ribbons of Ni Hexagons in Condensed La6 Trigonal Prisms

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posted on 17.11.2008, 00:00 by Chong Zheng, Hansjürgen Mattausch, Constantin Hoch, Arndt Simon
A ternary lanthanum bromide La8Br7Ni4 was synthesized from La, LaBr3, and Ni under an Ar atmosphere at 830 °C. It crystallizes in space group C2/m (No. 12) with lattice constants a = 29.528(4) Å, b = 4.0249(6), c = 8.708(1) Å, and β = 94.515(2)°. The structure features condensed Ni-centered La6 trigonal prisms. The Ni atoms are bonded to each other to form ribbons of Ni hexagons. Band structure, bonding, and physical properties of the compound have been investigated.