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Isomeric Forms of Divalent Heavier Group 14 Element Hydrides:  Characterization of Ar‘(H)GeGe(H)Ar‘ and Ar‘(H)2GeGeAr‘·PMe3 (Ar‘ = C6H3-2,6-Dipp2; Dipp = C6H3-2,6-Pri2)

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posted on 25.02.2003, 00:00 by Anne F. Richards, Andrew D. Phillips, Marilyn M. Olmstead, Philip P. Power
The reduction of Ar‘GeCl (Ar‘ = C6H3-2,6-Dipp2; Dipp = C6H3-2,6-Pri2) with LiBH(Bus)3 affords the first heavier group 14 element dimetallene hydride Ar‘(H)GeGe(H)Ar‘ which, upon further reaction with PMe3, yields the base-stabilized isomeric form Ar‘(H)2GeGeAr‘·PMe3.