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Isolation, Characterization, and Reaction of Activated Iodosylbenzene Monomer Hydroxy(phenyl)iodonium Ion with Hypervalent Bonding:  Supramolecular Complex PhI+OH·18-Crown-6 with Secondary I···O Interactions

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posted on 29.10.2003, 00:00 by Masahito Ochiai, Kazunori Miyamoto, Motoo Shiro, Tomoyuki Ozawa, Kentaro Yamaguchi
The isolation, characterization, and reaction of the active species hydroxy(phenyl)iodonium ion with hypervalent bonding are reported. Reaction of iodosylbenzene with HBF4−Me2O in the presence of equimolar 18-crown-6 in dichloromethane afforded the hydroxy-λ3-iodane complex PhI(OH)BF4·18-crown-6 as stable yellow prisms. X-ray structure analysis indicated that both the close contacts between the iodine(III) and the three adjacent oxygen atoms of 18-crown-6, and the hydrogen bonding OH···O(crown ether) will be responsible for the increased stability of the complex as compared to the uncomplexed PhI(OH)BF4. The crown ether complex is highly reactive and serves as a versatile oxidant even in water:  thus, the complex undergoes oxidative transformations of a variety of functional groups such as olefins, alkynes, enones, silyl enol ethers, sulfides, and phenols under mild conditions.