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Isolable Pincer-type Dianionic Dialane(6)

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posted on 2022-03-16, 15:04 authored by Wenjuan Wang, Manling Bao, Yuyang Dai, Xiaona Liu, Chen Liu, Chunmeng Liu, Yuanting Su, Xinping Wang
Although pincer-type main group complexes have attracted considerable attention owing to their unique structures and intriguing reactivity, the isolation of pincer-type dianionic dialane(6) is still elusive. Herein we report the first synthesis of the dianionic dialane(6) species 4 bearing novel redox-active trinitrogen pincer ligands by reduction of the aluminum diiodide precursor 3 with excess potassium graphite. The structure of 4 has been investigated by spectroscopic analysis, X-ray crystallography, and density functional theory calculations, which reveal that 4 possesses an Al–Al single covalent bond and twisted trianionic pincer ligands.