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Iodine-Rich Imidazolium Iodate and Periodate Salts: En Route to Single-Based Biocidal Agents

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posted on 2016-12-05, 22:17 authored by Chunlin He, Joseph P. Hooper, Jean’ne M. Shreeve
Two classes of iodine-rich salts that consist of iodine-rich cations and iodate (IO3) or periodate (IO4) anions were synthesized. The synthesis of analogous I3O8 salts was more difficult because of poor solubility and hydrolytic instability. All iodine-rich salts were fully characterized by infrared, 1H nuclear magnetic resonance, and 13C nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy as well as elemental analyses. The molecular structures of compounds 15 and 24 were elucidated by X-ray single-crystal diffraction. Additionally, the heats of formation were calculated with Gaussian 03. The detonation properties and biocidal efficiency were calculated and evaluated using CHEETAH 7.