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Investigation of Mn, Fe, and Ni Incorporation in CeCo2Al8

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posted on 02.02.2015, 00:00 authored by LaRico J. Treadwell, Pilanda Watkins-Curry, Jacob D. McAlpin, Drew J. Rebar, Jessica K. Hebert, John F. DiTusa, Julia Y. Chan
Single crystals of CeCo2–xMxAl8 (M = Mn, Fe, Ni; 0 ≤ x < 1) were grown and characterized by X-ray diffraction and magnetic susceptibility. The unit cell volumes of Mn-doped compounds increase and those of Ni-doped compounds decrease with increasing dopant concentration. All samples display a magnetic ordering near 6 K with magnetic moments of the analogues ranging from 2.61 to 2.81 μB/mol Ce and slightly higher than Ce3+ only magnetic moment. The unit cell volumes of Fe-doped compounds also increase with increasing Fe concentration. However, the cell volume of CeCo2–xFexAl8 decreases for x = 1.00 and is not Curie–Weiss possibly because of valence fluctuation.