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Intramolecular C–C Bond Coupling of Nitriles to a Diimine Ligand in Group 7 Metal Tricarbonyl Complexes

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posted on 07.12.2015, 00:00 by Veeranna Yempally, Wai Yip Fan, Bruce A. Arndtsen, Ashfaq A. Bengali
Dissolution of M­(CO)3(Br)­(LAr) [LAr = (2,6-Cl2-C6H3-NCMe)2CH2] in either acetonitrile [M = Mn, Re] or benzonitrile (M = Re) results in C–C coupling of the nitrile to the diimine ligand. When reacted with acetonitrile, the intermediate adduct [M­(CO)3­(NCCH3)­(LAr)]Br forms and undergoes an intramolecular C–C coupling reaction between the nitrile carbon and the methylene carbon of the β-diimine ligand.