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Interpenetration-Dependent Luminescent Probe in Indium-Organic Frameworks for Selectively Detecting Nitrofurazone in Water

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posted on 03.01.2018, 00:00 by Sheng-Li Hou, Jie Dong, Xiao-Lei Jiang, Zhuo-Hao Jiao, Chu-Ming Wang, Bin Zhao
Two novel anionic In-MOFs V101 and V102 were synthesized and structurally characterized. The structrual transformation from 2-fold interpenetration to noninterpenetration was completed by changing solvent from DMF to DEF. Luminescence investigations reveal that only V102 not V101 can sensitively and selectively detect traces of antibiotics nitrofurazone in water solution via an environmentally friendly manner, and the detection limit can reach to 0.2 ppm. The luminescent difference between V101 and V102 mainly originates from the divergence of interpenetration structures. Namely, through interpenetration-control, the luminescent probe can switch on or off to detect nitrofurazone. This is the first example of interpenetration-dependent MOFs-based luminescent probe.