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In2(OH)3(BDC)1.5 (BDC = 1,4-Benzendicarboxylate):  An In(III) Supramolecular 3D Framework with Catalytic Activity

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posted on 09.04.2002, 00:00 by B. Gomez-Lor, E. Gutiérrez-Puebla, M. Iglesias, M. A. Monge, C. Ruiz-Valero, N. Snejko
The new hybrid inorganic−organic polymer In2(OH)3[O4C8H4]1.5 has been hydrothermally obtained. Conditions for the synthesis are reported. The crystal structure of this material has been established by single-crystal X-ray diffraction:  it is monoclinic, with space group P21/c (Nο. 14), a = 6.772(1) Å, b = 10.329(2) Å, c = 20.152(3) Å, β = 97.573(3)°. The In atoms are octahedrally coordinated by three hydroxide groups and three different molecules of carboxylate ligand. The resulting polymeric 3D structure can be envisaged as having been generated from a honeycomb (6,3) 2D that is cross-linked by the BDC organic anions. Data of IR and TGA-DTA studies, as well as the results of reduction of nitroaromatics and selective oxidation of organic sulfide reactions catalyzed by the new material, are reported.