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Impact of Lattice Water on Solid-State Electron Transfer in Viologen Pseudopolymorphs: Modulation of Photo- and Piezochromism

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posted on 2017-10-23, 00:00 authored by Qi Sui, Ning-Ning Yang, Teng Gong, Peng Li, Ye Yuan, En-Qing Gao, Lin Wang
Stimuli-induced solid-state electron transfer (ET) underlies the use of viologen compounds as responsive materials, but unequivocal structure–property correlations for solid-state ET are still lacking. With different pseudopolymorphic solids derived from N,N′-bis­(4-carboxylphenyl)­viologen ([H2bcpV]2+), here we report a systematic study on photo- and piezochromic properties associated with ET. We show that the higher the water content in the lattice, the less sensitively the compounds respond to light and pressure. It is proposed that the lattice water does not act as an electron donor but serves to change the ET energetics through its unique polarity and hydrogen bonding capability. The impedimental impact of water on solid-state ET of viologen compounds has not yet been recognized and elucidated prior to this work. The study also suggests that pressure is more powerful than light in inducing ET.