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Hydrothermal Synthesis, Structures and Magnetic Studies of Transition Metal Sulfates Containing Hydrazine

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posted on 03.01.2011, 00:00 by Li-Hui Jia, Ru-Yin Li, Zhi-Ming Duan, Shang-Da Jiang, Bing-Wu Wang, Zhe-Ming Wang, Song Gao
By employing hydrothermal method, six transition metal sulfates containing hydrazine (N2H4) have been obtained: [M(SO4)2(N2H5)2]n (M = Mn(1), Co(2), Ni(3)) and [M(N2H4)SO4]n (M = Mn(4), Co(5), Ni(6)). Their crystal structures and magnetic properties have been investigated experimentally and theoretically. Compounds 13 consist of one-dimensional sulfate bridged homometallic chains with protonated hydrazine molecule as terminal ligand, and compounds 46 are hydrazing-sulfate mixed bridged homometallic three-dimensional frameworks. Compounds 16 exhibit antiferromagnetic coupling between M2+ ions, but their magnetic properties differ at low temperatures because of the different single-ion anisotropy and crystal structures. The magnetostructural correlations and the magnetic coupling mechanism are analyzed by density functional theory calculations (DFT).