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Hauser–Heck: Efficient Synthesis of γ‑Aryl-β-ketoesters en Route to Substituted Naphthalenes

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posted on 20.11.2015, 00:00 by Frederic Wagner, Klaus Harms, Ulrich Koert
γ-Aryl-β-ketoesters can be prepared in one step from aryl bromides and bis­(trimethylsilyl) enol ethers using catalytic amounts of Pd­(dba)2/t-Bu3P and stoichiometric amounts of Bu3SnF. The wide range of γ-(hetero)­aryl-β-ketoesters that can be obtained illustrate the scope and limitations of this novel Hauser–Heck combination. γ-Aryl-β-ketoesters with a 1,3-dioxane acetal in the ortho position can easily be transformed into the hydroxy naphthoate in very good yield. Aqueous formic acid at 65 °C provides optimal conditions for this deprotective aromatization.