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From Monomeric Tin(II) Hydride to Nonsymmetric Distannyne

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posted on 05.06.2019, 17:33 by Miroslav Novák, Libor Dostál, Zdenka Růžičková, Stefan Mebs, Jens Beckmann, Roman Jambor
The monomeric tin­(II) hydride L2(H)­Sn·W­(CO)5 (2), where L2 is 2-Et2NCH2-4,6-tBu2-C6H2, was easily transformed to the nonsymmetrical distannyne L1SnSnL2·W­(CO)5 (4), where L1 is 2,6-(Me2NCH2)2C6H3, by an amine elimination reaction with the tin­(II) amide L1SnNEt2 (3), without additional initiators such as N-bases or NHC carbenes. DFT calculations showed that the substitution of an SnH atom by an SnL1 fragment strongly affects the L2SnW­(CO)5 fragment, which accumulates a larger amount of electron density.