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Formal Syntheses of (±)-Platensimycin and (±)-Platencin via a Dual-Mode Lewis Acid Induced Cascade Cyclization Approach

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posted on 2013-08-16, 00:00 authored by Lizhi Zhu, Congshan Zhou, Wei Yang, Shuzhong He, Gui-Juan Cheng, Xinhao Zhang, Chi-Sing Lee
A mild and efficient dual-mode Lewis acid induced Diels–Alder (DA)/carbocyclization cascade cyclization reaction has been developed for construction of the tricyclic core of ent-kaurenoids in one pot with the aid of a theoretical study on the π,σ-Lewis acidities of a variety of Lewis acids. With ZnBr2 as the dual-mode Lewis acid, a series of substituted enones and dienes underwent DA/carbocyclization cascade cyclization reaction smoothly at room temperature and provided the tricyclic cyclized products in one pot with good yields and high diastereoselectivity. The tricyclic cyclized product has been successfully utilized as a common intermediate for formal syntheses of (±)-platensimycin and (±)-platencin.