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Fast Evaluation of Two-Center Integrals over Gaussian Charge Distributions and Gaussian Orbitals with General Interaction Kernels

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posted on 12.03.2020, 14:12 by Mieke Peels, Gerald Knizia
We present efficient algorithms for computing two-center integrals and integral derivatives, with general interaction kernels K(r12), over Gaussian charge distributions of general angular momenta l. While formulated in terms of traditional ab initio integration techniques, full derivations and required secondary information, as well as a reference implementation, are provided to make the content accessible to other fields. Concretely, the presented algorithms are based on an adaption of the McMurchie–Davidson Recurrence Relation (MDRR) combined with analytical properties of the solid harmonic transformation; this obviates all intermediate recurrences except the adapted MDRR itself, and allows it to be applied to fully contracted auxiliary kernel integrals. The technique is particularly well-suited for semiempirical molecular orbital methods, where it can serve as a more general and efficient replacement of Slater–Koster tables, and for first-principles quantum chemistry methods employing density fitting. But the formalism’s high efficiency and ability of handling general interaction kernels K(r12) and multipolar Gaussian charge distributions may also be of interest for modeling electrostatic interactions and short-range exchange and charge penetration effects in classical force fields and model potentials. With the presented technique, a 4894 × 4894 univ-JKFIT Coulomb matrix JAB = (A|1/r12|B) (183 MiB) can be computed in 50 ms on a Q2′2018 notebook CPU, without any screening or approximations.