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Facile Incorporation of Au Nanoparticles into an Unusual Twofold Entangled Zn(II)-MOF with Nanocages for Highly Efficient CO2 Fixation under Mild Conditions

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posted on 2019-12-03, 15:21 authored by Yun-Long Wu, Guo-Ping Yang, Shan Cheng, Jinjie Qian, Daidi Fan, Yao-Yu Wang
Herein, a new porous Zn­(II)-based metal–organic framework (MOF 1) has been prepared, the structure of which featured a twofold entangled motif based on two typical secondary building units (SBUs). The gas sorption studies indicated that MOF 1 may be explored as a useful platform to encapsulate metallic nanoparticles. Then the Au@1 composite has been prepared via a facile incorporation method without extra reducing agents. The Au@1 composite has been fully characterized by HRTEM, SEM-EDX, PXRD, gas sorption, XPS, ICP, etc. Catalytic experiments showed that the Au@1 composite had a perfect catalytic performance in CO2 fixation for epoxides with different substituents under mild conditions.