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Exploring the Effects of Se Basicity on a Te···Se Interaction Supported by a Rigid Indazolium Backbone

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posted on 2024-05-29, 22:14 authored by Logan T. Maltz, François P. Gabbaï
With an interest in chalcogen bonding, we use a rigid indazolium backbone to install a formally zero-valent Se center next to a divalent Te center, allowing us to investigate the effects of oxidation of the Se center on the observed Te···Se interaction. Through spectroscopic and computational comparison of the Se(0) species with its Se­(II) counterpart and their monochalcogen analogues, we experimentally and computationally investigate the effect of modulating Se basicity on the resulting Te···Se interaction. Comparison with well-studied naphthalene and acenaphthene variants indicates that the increased basicity of the Se(0) center allows for a comparably strong Te···Se interaction despite longer peri distances and a larger splay angle. Finally, our study illuminates the potential non-innocence of cationic organic substituents in chalcogen-bonding catalysis of the transfer hydrogenation of quinolines.