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Exchange of an Imido Ligand in Bis(imido) Complexes of Uranium

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posted on 2006-10-04, 00:00 authored by Trevor W. Hayton, James M. Boncella, Brian L. Scott, Enrique R. Batista
Addition of B(C6H5)3·H2O to U(NtBu)2I2(THF)2 provides U(NtBu)(O)I2(THF)2, a complex with a trans arrangement of the oxo and imido ligands. A DFT study on the Ph3PO adduct, U(NtBu)(O)I2(Ph3PO)2, reveals that there are six bonding orbitals in the OUN interaction, much like the bis(imido) NUN interaction. However, the calculations suggest that the multiple bonding in the oxo imido complexes is less covalent than that in the bis(imido) analogues.