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Evaluation of Group 4 Metal Bis-cyclopentadienyl Complexes with Selenolate and Tellurolate Ligands for CVD of ME2 Films (E = Se or Te)

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posted on 12.08.2008, 00:00 by Andrew L. Hector, William Levason, Gillian Reid, Stuart D. Reid, Michael Webster
The selenolate and tellurolate complexes [Cp2M(SeR)2] (M = Ti, Zr, or Hf; R = Me or But) and [Cp2M(TeBut)2] (M = Zr or Hf) have been prepared and characterized by 1H, 13C{1H}, 77Se{1H} and 125Te{1H} NMR spectroscopy and microanalysis. Crystal structures of representative examples are reported, together with the structure of the oxo-bridged species [{Cp2Zr(SeMe)}2(μ-O)] formed by partial hydrolysis. Trends in the NMR parameters are discussed. These molecular [Cp2M(SeBut)2] complexes are shown to be suitable as precursors for the single source LPCVD of intensely colored MSe2 thin films for each of the Group 4 elements, confirmed by SEM/EDX and PXD. These are the first examples of single source CVD of ZrSe2 and HfSe2 thin films. The corresponding [Cp2M(TeBut)2] species (M = Zr or Hf) deposit elemental Te under similar LPCVD conditions.