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Electrophilic Substitution Reactions of Metallabenzynes

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posted on 2011-11-16, 00:00 authored by Wai Yiu Hung, Bin Liu, Wangge Shou, Ting Bin Wen, Chuan Shi, Herman H.-Y. Sung, Ian D. Williams, Zhenyang Lin, Guochen Jia
The electrophilic substitution reactions of metallabenzynes Os(CC(R)C(CH3)C(R)CH)Cl2(PPh3)2 (R = SiMe3, H) were studied. These metallabenzynes react with electrophilic reagents, including Br2, NO2BF4, NOBF4, HCl/H2O2, and AlCl3/H2O2 to afford the corresponding bromination, nitration, nitrosation, and chlorination products. The reactions usually occur at the C2 and C4 positions of the metallacycle. These observations support the notion that metallabenzynes exhibit aromatic properties.