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Efficient Synthesis of α‑Haloboronic Esters via Cu-Catalyzed Atom Transfer Radical Addition

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posted on 2023-12-06, 15:36 authored by Tam D. Ho, Byung Joo Lee, Catherine Tan, Jacob A. Utley, Ngoc Q. Ngo, Kami L. Hull
The synthesis of α-haloboronic esters via atom transfer radical addition (ATRA) is constrained due to its limited range of compatible substrates or the need to manipulate the olefin coupling partners. Herein, we present a novel approach for their synthesis via Cu-catalyzed ATRA to vinyl boronic esters. The catalyst is proposed to mediate a traditionally inefficient halogen atom transfer of the α-boryl radical intermediate, thus significantly expanding the range of participating substrates relative to established methods. The forty-eight examples illustrate that a wide range of radical precursors, including primary, secondary, and tertiary alkyl halides, readily add across both unsubstituted and α-substituted vinyl pinacol boronic esters. Further, a one-pot, two-step protocol is presented for direct access to an array of α-functionalized products. Finally, the synthetic utility of this methodology is demonstrated in the synthesis of an ixazomib analogue.