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Efficient Route to Atropisomeric Ligands – Application to the Synthesis of MeOBIPHEP Analogues

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posted on 2011-06-17, 00:00 authored by Lucie Leseurre, Florent Le Boucher d’Herouville, Kurt Püntener, Michelangelo Scalone, Jean-Pierre Genêt, Véronique Michelet
A highly efficient Pd-catalyzed P–C coupling reaction of easily accessible atropisomeric bisphosphane is described in the presence of various electron-poor aromatic iodides. The reactions are conducted in the presence of a Pd(II)/dppf catalyst in acetonitrile at 80 °C. The reaction conditions are compatible with several electron-withdrawing groups such as esters, cyano, chloro, and trifluoromethyl groups and lead to atropisomeric MeOBIPHEP derivatives in good to excellent yields and high enantiomeric purities.