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Effective Detection of Mycotoxins by a Highly Luminescent Metal–Organic Framework

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posted on 30.12.2015, 00:00 by Zhichao Hu, William P. Lustig, Jingming Zhang, Chong Zheng, Hao Wang, Simon J. Teat, Qihan Gong, Nathan D. Rudd, Jing Li
We designed and synthesized a new luminescent metal–organic framework (LMOF). LMOF-241 is highly porous and emits strong blue light with high efficiency. We demonstrate for the first time that very fast and extremely sensitive optical detection can be achieved, making use of the fluorescence quenching of an LMOF material. The compound is responsive to Aflatoxin B1 at parts per billion level, which makes it the best performing luminescence-based chemical sensor to date. We studied the electronic properties of LMOF-241 and selected mycotoxins, as well as the extent of mycotoxin–LMOF interactions, employing theoretical methods. Possible electron and energy transfer mechanisms are discussed.