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Dynamic Light Scattering from Non-Entangled Wormlike Micellar Solutions

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posted on 01.01.2008, 00:00 by Takahiro Sato, Yoshiyuki Einaga
The fuzzy cylinder theory, originally proposed for conventional polymer solutions, was applied to wormlike micellar solutions to take into account effects of the intermicellar collision and hydrodynamic interaction on the self-diffusion of wormlike micelles in solution at finite concentrations. Previously reported apparent hydrodynamic radius data obtained by dynamic light scattering for non-entangled wormlike micelles formed in aqueous solution by non-ionic surfactants, polyoxyethylene monoalkyl ethers CiEj, were analyzed by this theory to estimate the persistence length q of the wormlike micelles. The results of q estimated were consistent with those obtained from radius of gyration data obtained by static light scattering.