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Duplexiphane:  A Polyaromatic Receptor Containing Two Adjoined Δ-Shaped Cavities for an Efficient Hopping of a Single Silver Cation

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posted on 07.02.2008, 00:00 by Susanna J. Emond, Paromita Debroy, Rajendra Rathore
A simple synthesis of a polyaromatic receptor (i.e., duplexiphane) containing two adjoined Δ-shaped cavities is accomplished via an intramolecular (double) McMurry coupling, and its structure is established by X-ray crystallography. The binding of silver cation to duplexiphane showed that it binds only a single silver cation with significantly higher efficiency (>100 times) than a model compound containing only one π-prismand-like cavity, and the single silver cation hops intramolecularly between the two adjoined cavities in duplexiphane.