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Discovery of Oogenesis Biomarkers from Mouse Oocytes Using a Single-Cell Proteomics Approach

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posted on 2023-05-08, 12:10 authored by Qian Li, Lu Mu, Xuebing Yang, Ge Wang, Jing Liang, Shaolin Wang, Hua Zhang, Zhen Li
We established an efficient and simplified single-cell proteomics (ES–SCP) workflow to realize proteomics profiling at the single-oocyte level. With the ES–SCP workflow, we constructed a deep coverage proteome library during oocyte maturation, which contained more than 6000 protein groups, and identified and quantified more than 4000 protein groups from a pool of only 15 oocytes at germinal vesicle (GV), GV breakdown (GVBD), and metaphase II (MII) stages. More than 1500 protein groups can be identified from single oocytes. We found that marker proteins including maternal factors and mRNA regulators, such as ZAR1, TLE6, and BTG4, showed significant variations in abundance during oocyte maturation, and it was discovered that maternal mRNA degradation was indispensable during oocyte maturation. Proteomics analysis from single oocytes revealed that changes in antioxidant factors, maternal factors, mRNA stabilization, and energy metabolism were the factors that affect the oocyte quality during ovary aging. Our data laid the foundation for future innovations in assisted reproduction.