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Discovery and Optimization of Glucose Uptake Inhibitors

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posted on 08.05.2020, 17:05 authored by Kevin G. Liu, Ji-In Kim, Kellen Olszewski, Anthony M. Barsotti, Koi Morris, Christophe Lamarque, Xuemei Yu, Jack Gaffney, Xiao-Jiang Feng, Jeegar P. Patel, Masha V. Poyurovsky
Aerobic glycolysis, originally identified by Warburg as a hallmark of cancer, has recently been implicated in immune cell activation and growth. Glucose, the starting material for glycolysis, is transported through the cellular membrane by a family of glucose transporters (GLUTs). Therefore, targeting glucose transporters to regulate aerobic glycolysis is an attractive approach to identify potential therapeutic agents for cancers and autoimmune diseases. Herein, we describe the discovery and optimization of a class of potent, orally bioavailable inhibitors of glucose transporters, targeting both GLUT1 and GLUT3.