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Direct Arylation of a Cluster-Bound Alkyne Ligand with Benzene

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posted on 08.11.2010, 00:00 by Toshiro Takao, Makoto Moriya, Mana Kajigaya, Hiroharu Suzuki
Treatment of a triruthenium complex having μ3-methylidyne and μ3-propyne ligands, (Cp*Ru)33-CH)(μ32-HCCMe)(μ-H)2 (6), with benzene results in arylation of the propyne ligand via the C−H bond activation of benzene to yield the μ3-phenylmethylacetylene complex (Cp*Ru)33-CH)(μ322(⊥)-PhCCMe) (7). An X-ray diffraction study of 7 clearly established that regiospecific arylation occurred at the terminal position of the propyne ligand.