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Dihydrogen Complexes of the Chromium Group: Synthesis and Characterization of (Arene)M(CO)2(H2) Complexes

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posted on 09.08.2010, 00:00 by Jonathan D. Egbert, D. Michael Heinekey
Irradiation of (arene)M(CO)3 complexes (M = Cr, Mo, W; arene = various benzene derivatives) in the presence of H2 results in CO extrusion and subsequent reaction with H2. For chromium and molybdenum, the resulting complexes have moderate thermal stability and are identified as sigma complexes of H2 by NMR spectroscopy. Analogous tungsten reactions require prolonged irradiation in the presence of H2 to afford moderate yields of dihydride complexes. This study allows for comparison of related complexes for Cr, Mo, and W.