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Developments in Meyers’ Lactamization Methodology: En Route to Bi(hetero)aryl Structures with Defined Axial Chirality

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posted on 16.08.2013 by Svetlana Postikova, Mohamad Sabbah, Daniel Wightman, Ich Tuan Nguyen, Morgane Sanselme, Thierry Besson, Jean-François Brière, Sylvain Oudeyer, Vincent Levacher
Highly atroposelective Meyers’ lactamization promoted by pivalic acid under microwave irradiation is reported which allows the construction of nonracemic substituted-dibenzo­(di)­azepine derivatives through a center to axial chirality transfer principle, controlling the otherwise configurationally labile biaryl axis. This approach provides a straightforward entry to enantioenriched analogues of biorelevant architectures.