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Development of a New Multiple Stimuli-Responsive Fluorescent Material Using the Minus Strategy Based on the Structure of Tetraphenyl-1,3-butadiene

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posted on 2022-03-28, 06:13 authored by Xiang Lin, Xinli Wang, Renfu Li, Zexin Wang, Wei Liu, Liwei Chen, Nannan Chen, Shitao Sun, Zhenli Li, Jinle Hao, Bin Lin, Lijun Xie
In this study, we designed and synthesized a new class of aggregation-induced emission luminogens, which was inspired and developed from the structure of tetraphenyl-1,3-butadienes derivative (TPB-1) through the minus strategy by removing one of the phenyl groups. Among them, L1 and L4 exhibited an aggregation-induced emission effect and multistimuli-responsive chromic behavior. Moreover, two types of single crystals of L1 were obtained, and their different emission behaviors were elucidated clearly by analyzing the single-crystal data.