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Development of a Fluorophore with Enhanced Unorthodox Chalcogen Bonding for Highly Sensitive Detection of Trimethyl Arsine Vapor

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posted on 2021-07-22, 15:34 authored by Linfeng Cui, Yanjun Gong, Xinting Yu, Chunxiao Lv, Xiaoming Du, Jincai Zhao, Yanke Che
In this work, we report the design of novel fluorophores that bear three benzothiadiazole and benzoselenadiazole groups, respectively, for sensitive detection of trimethyl arsine vapor. In particular, the fluorophore with the benzoselenadiazole groups can form stronger chalcogen bonding with trimethyl arsine than the fluorophore with the benzothiadiazole groups, which in turn triggers much faster and more sensitive fluorescence responses. On the basis of this novel mechanism, fluorescence detection of trimethyl arsine vapor with rapid response (∼3 s), high sensitivity (the theoretical LOD is 0.44 ppb), and high selectivity is achieved on bundled nanofibers from the fluorophore with the benzoselenadiazole groups. Here, the new fluorescence sensor may find wide applications in health and environmental monitoring, arsenic distribution recognition in soil, and arsenic mines exploration.