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Development and Evaluation of a Parallel Reaction Monitoring Strategy for Large-Scale Targeted Metabolomics Quantification

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posted on 2016-03-22, 00:00 authored by Juntuo Zhou, Huiying Liu, Yang Liu, Jia Liu, Xuyang Zhao, Yuxin Yin
Recent advances in mass spectrometers which have yielded higher resolution and faster scanning speeds have expanded their application in metabolomics of diverse diseases. Using a quadrupole-Orbitrap LC–MS system, we developed an efficient large-scale quantitative method targeting 237 metabolites involved in various metabolic pathways using scheduled, parallel reaction monitoring (PRM). We assessed the dynamic range, linearity, reproducibility, and system suitability of the PRM assay by measuring concentration curves, biological samples, and clinical serum samples. The quantification performances of PRM and MS1-based assays in Q-Exactive were compared, and the MRM assay in QTRAP 6500 was also compared. The PRM assay monitoring 237 polar metabolites showed greater reproducibility and quantitative accuracy than MS1-based quantification and also showed greater flexibility in postacquisition assay refinement than the MRM assay in QTRAP 6500. We present a workflow for convenient PRM data processing using Skyline software which is free of charge. In this study we have established a reliable PRM methodology on a quadrupole-Orbitrap platform for evaluation of large-scale targeted metabolomics, which provides a new choice for basic and clinical metabolomics study.