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Design of Efficient Chiral Bifunctional Phase-Transfer Catalysts Possessing an Amino Functionality for Asymmetric Aminations

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posted on 27.11.2018, 00:00 by Suva Paria, Qi-Kai Kang, Miho Hatanaka, Keiji Maruoka
An efficient, chiral bifunctional phase-transfer catalyst with an intramolecular amino functionality has been designed and successfully applied to highly enantioselective amination of 3-aryloxindoles and 3-arylbenzofuran-2­(3H)-ones with bis­(adamantyl) azodicarboxylate. Optically active amination products were generally obtained in high yield with high enantioselectivity. The origin of stereoselectivity was explained by means of the DFT calculations.