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Design and Synthesis of a Single-Layer Ferromagnetic Metal–Organic Framework with Topological Nontrivial Gaps

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posted on 24.11.2020, 16:46 authored by Zi’Ang Gao, Yifan Gao, Muqing Hua, Jing Liu, Li Huang, Nian Lin
We report on the design and synthesis of a two-dimensional metal–organic framework Fe3(HITP)2 which comprises of a Kagome sublattice of Fe atoms. Density-functional theory calculations reveal that this framework has a ferromagnetic ground state with several topological nontrivial gaps opened due to the spin–orbit coupling, signifying quantum anomalous Hall features. Experimentally, we synthesize this structure by means of on-surface coordination self-assembly on an Au(111) substrate. We resolve its structure at a single-molecule resolution using scanning tunneling microscopy and confirm that the on-surface structure is nearly identical to the free-standing framework. We use scanning tunneling spectroscopy to study its electronic properties. A zero-bias resonance localized at the Fe atoms indicates that a magnetic moment is present at the Kagome lattice. Our results demonstrate the viability of realizing 2D organic quantum anomalous Hall systems.