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Crystal-to-Crystal Guest Exchange of Large Organic Molecules within a 3D Coordination Network

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posted on 22.12.2004, 00:00 by Osamu Ohmori, Masaki Kawano, Makoto Fujita
Single-crystal-to-single-crystal guest exchanges of large guest molecules [triphenylene (3a), anthracene (3b), perylene (3c), and triphenylphosphine oxide (3d)] were successfully performed in a large channel of a 3D coordination network (2) having a planar ligand, (1). Crystallographic analysis revealed efficient stackings between the planar guests (3ac) and the ligand. The crystals of the inclusion complexes of 3ac showed drastic color change because of strong donor−acceptor interactions between the electron-deficient ligand (1) and electron-rich guests (3ac).