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Crystal Structures of Aza-β3-peptides, A New Class of Foldamers Relying on a Framework of Hydrazinoturns

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posted on 2005-08-05, 00:00 authored by Arnaud Salaün, Michel Potel, Thierry Roisnel, Philippe Gall, Philippe Le Grel
Crystals of aza-β3-peptides have been obtained. This gives the first opportunity for hydrazino peptides, in the sense of oligomers built exclusively with α-hydrazinoacetic units, to be observed in the solid state. The structures make it clear that the H-bond network developed by aza-β3-peptides differs radically from those of the corresponding β3-peptides but strongly resembles that of the α-aminoxy peptides. Our study contributes to the current interest in hydrazino peptides as an extension of the β-peptide concept.