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Crystal Growth and Magnetic Properties of Lanthanide-Containing Osmium Double Perovskites, Ln2NaOsO6 (Ln = La, Pr, Nd)

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posted on 2005-04-18, 00:00 authored by William R. Gemmill, Mark D. Smith, Ruslan Prozorov, Hans-Conrad zur Loye
A series of double perovskite oxides, Ln2NaOsO6 (Ln = La, Pr, Nd), has been prepared as single crystals from acidic molten NaOH. All three oxides crystallize in the monoclinic space group P21/n (Glazer tilt system #10, a-a-b+), forming a 1:1 ordered rock salt lattice of the Na+ and Os5+ cations. Magnetic susceptibility measurements show evidence of antiferromagnetic correlations in La2NaOsO6 and of a spin-flop transition from an antiferromagnetic to ferromagnetic-like state in both Pr2NaOsO6 and Nd2NaOsO6.