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Crystal Growth, Structure, and Physical Properties of Ln2MGa12 (Ln = La, Ce; M = Ni, Cu)

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posted on 2008-10-14, 00:00 authored by Jung Young Cho, Jasmine N. Millican, Cigdem Capan, Dmitry A. Sokolov, Monica Moldovan, Amar B. Karki, David P. Young, Meigan C. Aronson, Julia Y. Chan
Single crystals of Ln2MGa12 (Ln = La, Ce; M = Ni, Cu) have been synthesized using Ga flux and their structures determined by single-crystal X-ray diffraction. The Ln2MGa12 (Ln = La, Ce; M = Ni, Cu), which is isostructural to Ce2PdGa12, crystallizes in the tetragonal P4/nbm (No. 125, origin choice 2) space group, with Z = 2 and lattice parameters a ≈ 6.1 Å and c ≈ 15.3 Å. Ce2NiGa12 orders antiferromagnetically at 10 K and specific heat measurements suggest it is a moderate heavy-fermion system with γ ≈ 191 mJ mol−1 K−2. Magnetic susceptibility data show paramagnetic behavior down to 2 K for Ce2CuGa12, whereas specific heat data suggest a magnetic transition below 1.8 K, with a moderately enhanced γ-value of 69 mJ mol−1 K−2. Metallic behavior is observed below 300 K for each compound. A large positive and nonsaturating magnetoresistance up to 216% at a field (μ0H) of 9 T is also observed for La2NiGa12. We present the crystal structures and physical properties of the Ln2MGa12 (Ln = La, Ce; M = Ni, Cu) series.