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Coupling of Coordinated 2-Iminophosphorano-1-phosphaallyl Leading to Bridged Iminophosphoranato Complexes of Zirconium and Hafnium

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posted on 17.10.2002, 00:00 authored by Zhong-Xia Wang, Ye-Xin Li
Reaction of MCl4 (M = Zr, Hf) with 2 equiv of 2-iminophosphorano-1-phosphaallyl lithium [Li{P(Ph)C(CHPh)P(Me)2NSiMe3}(THF)1.5] (1) affords ligand coupling complexes 3 and 4, respectively, while similar treatment of ZrCl4 with [Li{P(Ph)C(C(SiMe2But)Ph)P(Me)2NSiMe3}(THF)2] (2) yields ligand transfer complex 5.