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Controlled Sequential Doping of Metal Nanocluster

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posted on 2024-01-22, 14:34 authored by Yue Zhou, Wanmiao Gu, Runguo Wang, Wanli Zhu, Zhiyuan Hu, Wenwen Fei, Shengli Zhuang, Jin Li, Haiteng Deng, Nan Xia, Jian He, Zhikun Wu
Atomically precise doping of metal nanoclusters provides excellent opportunities not only for subtly tailoring their properties but also for in-depth understanding of composition (structure)–property correlation of metal nanoclusters and has attracted increasing interest partly due to its significance for fundamental research and practical applications. Although single and multiple metal atom doping of metal nanoclusters (NCs) has been achieved, sequential single-to-multiple metal atom doping is still a big challenge and has not yet been reported. Herein, by introducing a second ligand, a novel multistep synthesis method was developed, controlled sequential single-to-multiple metal atom doping was successfully achieved for the first time, and three doped NCs Au25Cd1(p-MBT)17(PPh3)2, Au18Cd2(p-MBT)14(PPh3)2, and [Au19Cd3(p-MBT)18] (p-MBTH: para-methylbenzenethiol) were obtained, including two novel NCs that were precisely characterized via mass spectrometry, single-crystal X-ray crystallography, and so forth. Furthermore, sequential doping-induced evolutions in the atomic and crystallographic structures and optical and catalytic properties of NCs were revealed.