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Controlled, Reversible, and Nondestructive Generation of Uniaxial Extreme Strains (>10%) in Graphene

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posted on 09.07.2014, 00:00 by H. Hugo Pérez Garza, Eric W. Kievit, Grégory F. Schneider, Urs Staufer
Theoretical calculations have predicted that extreme strains (>10%) in graphene would result in novel applications. However, up to now the highest reported strain reached ∼1.3%. Here, we demonstrate uniaxial strains >10% by pulling graphene using a tensile-MEMS. To prevent it from slipping away it was locally clamped with epoxy using a femtopipette. The results were analyzed using Raman spectroscopy and optical tracking. Furthermore, analysis proved the process to be reversible and nondestructive for the graphene.