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Construction of Bispirooxindole Heterocycles via Palladium-Catalyzed Ring-Opening Formal [3 + 2]-Cycloaddition of Spirovinylcyclopropyl Oxindole and 3‑Oxindole Derivatives

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posted on 11.01.2019, 00:00 by Jun-An Xiao, Yu-Chun Li, Zhi-Jin Luo, Xiu-Liang Cheng, Zhi-Xiong Deng, Wen-Qiang Chen, Wei Su, Hua Yang
A palladium-catalyzed ring-opening oxo-formal [3 + 2]-cycloaddition reaction of novel donor–acceptor spirovinylcyclopropyl oxindole with 3-oxindole is described. The developed protocol provides facile access to oxo-bispirooxindole derivatives in good yields (up to 82% yield) with excellent diastereoselectivities (up to 20:1 dr).