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Complexes of Ruthenium(II) with Unsymmetrical Diphosphines and Diphosphinomethanides. A Way to Synthesize Chiral Metallodiphosphines

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posted on 15.11.2000, 00:00 by Marta E. G. Mosquera, Javier Ruiz, Víctor Riera, Santiago Garcia-Granda, Miguel A. Salvadó
Ruthenium(II) complexes with the unsymmetrical diphosphinomethanide [PPh2CHPtBu2]- containing isocyanides and chiral amines as ancillary ligands were prepared, and the molecular structure of [Ru(CNtBu)4{PPh2CHPtBu2}]+ was studied by X-ray crystallography. The reactivity of the coordinated methanide toward [AuCl(PPh3)] was investigated, leading to the stereoselective formation of the chiral metallodiphosphine [PPh2CH(AuPPh3)PtBu2].