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Combination of DNA Damage, Autophagy, and ERK Inhibition: Novel Evodiamine-Inspired Multi-Action Pt(IV) Prodrugs with High-Efficiency and Low-Toxicity Antitumor Activity

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posted on 2023-01-30, 14:42 authored by Xiao-Meng Liu, Zhe Li, Xin-Ru Xie, Jia-Qian Wang, Xin Qiao, Cheng-Zhi Xie, Jing-Yuan Xu
Exploring multi-targeting chemotherapeutants with advantages over single-targeting agents and drug combinations is of great significance in drug discovery. Herein, we employed phytogenic evodiamine (EVO) and conventional Pt­(II) drugs to design and synthesize multi-target EVO–Pt­(IV) anticancer prodrugs (414). Among them, compound 10 exhibited a 118-fold enhancement in the IC50 value compared to cisplatin and low toxicity to normal cells. Further studies proved that 10 significantly enhanced intracellular Pt accumulation and DNA damage, perturbed mitochondrial membrane potential, inhibited cell migration and invasion, upregulated reactive oxygen species levels, and induced apoptosis and autophagic cell death. Molecular docking assay revealed that 10 fits perfectly into the extracellular signal-regulated protein kinase (ERK)-1 pocket, which was verified to produce profound ERK suppression. Most strikingly, compound 10 exhibited superior in vivo antitumor efficiency and effectively attenuated systemic toxicity. Our results emphasize that functionalizing platinum drugs with the multi-target EVO could generate synergistically excellent anticancer activity with low toxicity and decreased resistance, which may represent a brand-new cancer therapy modality.