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Circularly Polarized Luminescence from Achiral Single Crystals of Hybrid Manganese Halides

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posted on 27.09.2019, 14:34 by Jian Zhao, Tongjin Zhang, Xi-Yan Dong, Meng-En Sun, Chong Zhang, Xinlei Li, Yong Sheng Zhao, Shuang-Quan Zang
[K­(dibenzo-18-crown-6)]+ (KC) cations are used for cocrystallization with manganese halides, producing isostructural single crystals of organic–inorganic hybrid complexes, [K­(dibenzo-18-crown-6)]2MnX4 (abbreviated (KC)2MnX4) (X = Cl, Br), which feature one-dimensional morphology and green phosphorescence with considerable photoluminescence quantum yields accompanied by excellent optical waveguide behavior with a low loss coefficient. More interestingly, (KC)2MnX4 crystallizes in the monoclinic space group Cc belonging to the achiral point group m (Cs), where the non-centrosymmetric arrangement of racemic units, with right- and left-handed rotating optical axes, endows these achiral single crystals with circularly polarized luminescence, observed for the first time.