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Chiral Supramolecules:  Organometallic Molecular Loops Made from Enantiopure R-[cis-Rh2(C6H4PPh2)2(CH3CN)6](BF4)2

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posted on 14.11.2005, 00:00 by F. Albert Cotton, Carlos A. Murillo, Rongmin Yu
Two enantiopure molecular loops, RR-[cis-Rh2(C6H4PPh2)2(py)2O2C(CF2)nCO2]2 (1, n = 2 and 2, n = 3) have been made from the reaction in CH2Cl2 and CH3OH of the inherently chiral dirhodium compound, R-[cis-Rh2(C6H4PPh2)2(CH3CN)6](BF4)2, and HO2C(CF2)nCO2H in the presence of an excess of pyridine. Single-crystal structure analyses reveal that each of these compounds is composed of two R-cis-Rh2(C6H4PPh2)2(ax-py)22+ units, and two equatorial perfluorodicarboxylate linkers, which form a loop oligomer. The 1H, 19F, and 31P{1H} NMR spectra in CDCl3 and C5D5N indicate that only one type of highly symmetric species exists in each solution, which is consistent with the solid-state structures.