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Characterization of Bonding in Cesium Uranyl Chloride: Topological Analysis of the Experimental Charge Density

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posted on 22.02.2016, 14:53 by Vladimir V. Zhurov, Elizabeth A. Zhurova, Adam I. Stash, A. Alan Pinkerton
The topological analysis of the charge density distribution in Cs2UO2Cl4 obtained from an accurate X-ray diffraction experiment at 20K is reported. Details of the techniques applied during data collection and data refinement are discussed. A split Hansen-Coppens multipole model for uranium and cesium atoms has been used to describe the charge density features associated with valence electrons and core deformations. The analysis of the deformation density distribution, QTAIM space partitioning, the Laplacian of the electron density, and electron localization function are discussed. Local QTAIM descriptors for bonds to uranium and cesium are reported, as well as integrated properties of each individual atom. U(5f), U(6s), U(6p), U(6d), and U(7s) shells were required to describe the aspherical charge density of the uranium pseudoatom. Observed deformation of the cesium atom core was described by applying the multipole model to Cs(5s) and Cs(5p) shells.