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Chalcogen-Rich Lanthanide Clusters with Fluorinated Thiolate Ligands

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posted on 04.06.2002, 00:00 by Mark Fitzgerald, Thomas J. Emge, John G. Brennan
Mixtures of Ln(SC6F5)3 and Ln(EPh)3 (E = S, Se) react with elemental E to give chalcogen-rich clusters with fluorinated thiolate ancillary ligands. The structures of both (THF)6Yb4S(SS)4(SC6F5)2 and (THF)6Yb4Se(SeSe)4(SC6F5)2 have been established by low-temperature single-crystal X-ray diffraction. Both compounds contain a square array of Yb(III) ions connected by a central μ4-E2- ligand. The edges of the square Yb4 array are bridged by four μ2(EE) ligands, and two terminal SC6F5 are on the same side of the Ln4 plane that is capped by the μ4-E2- ion. Redox inactive (THF)6Tm4Se(SeSe)4(SC6F5)2 was also prepared to establish the extension of this chemistry to the redox inactive Ln. These clusters are soluble in toluene.